How To Get Insurance As A Convicted Driver

Have you been shocked by the price of your insurance quotes having had a driving conviction? We know your pain and have set out to help you.

There are a whole host of convictions including speeding, driving under the influence, dangerous driving and the rest.

Why is insurance expensive for convicted drivers?

When it comes to getting insurance, the company offering it will look at the individual application and use any information available to them to assess the presented risk as best as possible. Insurance is all about the maths, hence our name.

If you have a history of speeding for example, it’s a flashing red warning light for insurers as even though you may not plan to speed again, their data will highlight that many convicted drivers are repeat offenders. So what do they do to negate the higher likelihood of a convicted driver making a claim? You got it, they increase the cost of policy to keep them in business. Fine for them, not so good for you.

Should you pay an ongoing price for what could have been just one mistake (and often is). Who’s to say, but follow the advice below and hopefully you’ll get an affordable quote.

  1. Type of car: Let’s face it, insurance companies think you are high risk already, so if you do not already own a car or you are in the position to change your vehicle, then consider going for a low insurance category model, this will help bring your premiums down. If you are driving in a Citreon C1, you are less likely to speed, mainly on the basis that you can’t. The C1 is a car that is known to have lower insurance and of course no or very little road tax each year (£0 – £20).
  2. Take a course: There will be merit in taking an advanced driving course, if you are a younger driver as that will show the insurance company that you additional skills to the average road user and should go towards offsetting a part of your additional risk as a convicted driver. The courses are short so it does not take up too much of your time and who knows, you may find you enjoy learning how to drive better than everyone else. Or really go for the irony in the situation and train to become a Police Interceptor; lower insurance, top notch driving skills and potentially a spot on TV!
  3. Increase your excess: Putting your excess up is not a great feeling, if you crash you know it’s going to cost you a fair bit of money to claim on your insurance. However it may help keep your insurance down and if your quotes are already sky high, you could save more by doing this.
  4. Multiple quotes and convicted driver specialists: It’s so easy nowadays to shop around and get multiple quotes online. There are also a number of specialist insurers offering convicted driver insurance. These could be your best bet in terms of getting a decent quote. All you need to do get quotes from a few of these, compare them and see which is best. It is that easy.

You should by now hopefully have a better understanding of the position you are in and how to get the best quote possible. It goes without saying that if you put a bit of extra effort in, you should be able to find an affordable quote.

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