How To Reduce Young Driver Car Insurance

Young driver’s get it tough when it comes to insuring their car, prices can be through the roof. You may wonder why that is and it’s not because insurers just don’t like young people, it’s actually based on maths. Sadly it’s a fact that one in three young drivers will have an insurance claim within their first year or two of driving. This means that it is awfully expensive for insurance companies to cover the costs of claims for young people and therefore the premiums have to be higher.

However there are ways to keep these premiums to a minimum and in the rest of this article we’ll look at a few ways to do just that.

  1. Choose the right car: If you have not bought your car already it is definitely worth checking out which cars have lower insurance premiums. We have an interesting article to look at regarding this, which can be found on our site. Cars in lower insurance groups offer better value for money when it comes to getting a quote.
  2. Black Box: Getting a black box fitted into your car makes a real difference for many young people. What on earth is a black box I hear you ask? It is a device that is installed by your insurance company to monitor your driving. The safer you drive, the lower your insurance will be. Some people don’t like the idea of constantly being monitored but hey-ho if you can knock £300 from your insurance it may be worth sacrificing your anonymity.
  3. Pass Plus: If you can stomach more learning after your driving test then you may want to book an advanced driving course like the Pass Plus. This is designed to make you safer on the roads and we all know that safer is better, including in the eyes of insurance companies. The test is not a lot of hassle and will help you save in the long run.
  4. Don’t claim on your insurance: If you are a young driver as opposed to a new one, you will have already been able to build up a driving history and hopefully a small no claims period. Each year of driving gives another year to your no claims, that is of course if you do not claim. If you have the option of paying a £500 excess for damage to your car or paying £600 to fix the damage yourself, you may want to consider forking out the extra £100; it could save you £100’s more next time you go to renew your policy.
  5. Shop around: It’s so important to shop around for quotes on your quest to get the best deal. With numerous comparison sites around and even one’s specialising in young drivers, you would be mad to jump on the first quote you get. Put a bit of effort in and try a few different places, they can vary a lot.
  6. Ditch the modifications: Fancy that Peugeot 206 with the dodgy spoiler and the lowered frame. Don’t get it. Modifications are seen as a warning indicator for insurance companies and the maths points to modified cars costing them more money, therefore pushing up the premium. It’s your first car, you don’t need the best thing you can afford, take it from an old fogey, getting a sensible car that runs well, with an alarm fitted and no modifications will save you packet in insurance. Do that for a couple of years and you’ll have plenty of money and lower insurance to get the car you’ve always wanted.

The main thing is to search around and not to buy the first quote you see. Get the right car, drive safely and in no time your insurance will be falling rapidly each year.

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